Great results in the C1 Event of our KA2 AEF Juventud in Italy


The second meeting of the KA2 AEF YOUTH project was held in Italy, specifically in the town of Massa, from the 2th to the 6th of July. It was a C1 EVENT: SP-YOUTH-SHORT-TRAIN.


In total we were 10 participants from 5 different associations (MAD for Europe, Asociatia EU-RO-IN, Training to Malta, Agrupamento de Escolas de Benavente and I.E.S SANTA ENGRACIA). From Italy host organization, SERINDFORM SRL, there were 2 of them and a Psychologist.


The first day of the meeting and all partners started with a reception of the partners in the Meeting Room of SERINDFORM. They delivered the material and MAD for Europe explained an introduction of the activities of the short term joint staff of the Training Event. Later, also us, presented the best practices of Spain and we all had a debate.

The next day, we presented the work plan (the first six months of the Project implementation, Project Management, administration, documentation and dissemination, the confirmation of the Project Committee for each partner organization…). Also we explained the creation of the social media, the website, the Google Drive and the first tasks.




After this introduction, Training to Malta and AE Benavente presented their Best Practices: a general introduction and National Data of the Gender Violence situation in each country and their Educational Module. They both talked about two interesting methods: Training to Malta about a PC game for students called PROSAVE and AE Benavente about practical tool called PADLET that consist in asking to the students some questions after they show them a video related with gender violence between young people.



Later, all partners had a Social Lunch in the Meeting Room ordered by SERINDFORM. They ordered pizza and tipical italian dishes, everything was really tasty! After lunch, IES Santa Engracia presented their Best Practices and they explained some cases of gender violence referred to schools in Spain and in their institute.



On Wednesday, the meeting started with the presentation of the Best Practices of EU-RO-IN and SERINDFORM. They explained the National Data of their countries and the Module that they had to present about gender violence. EU-RO-IN had two different modules and they talked about the gender empowerment, their consequences and also about how to prevent the discussions of men and women, that generates later violence. The main topic of the module that SERINDFORM presented was the importance of communication and how young people have to deal with this problem with a good communication between them.



After this, SERINDFORM organized a meeting with a Scholastic Executive who explained different methods and models applied within the prevention of juvenile gender violence. She talked about the local board education in Italy, comparing with other countries. Also, she explained some campaigns related with the topic that had been very important and projects about education, relationships and family.


All partners debate their ideas and techniques that they apply every day in their school. It was really successful because each one contributed a lot of ideas for the project.


Later, we went to a cultural visit to the Quarries of Marble of Carrara. SERINDFORM organized a great trip to this part of Italy and we had a tour visit with a guide that explained us the history of that part of Carrara, the importance of the Marble and other interesting topics. Later, we had a social lunch.



The next day, MAD for Europe, explained to the rest of the partners the Joint Document on non formal activities to prevent Juvenile Gender Violence. All the partners had to approve it: structure of the preparation of the document, open debate on the content, discussion on how to adapt best practices to the document, deadlines…


After this, they had a Debate with the Psychologist that attended all the sessions of this course. They discussed about the test that it will be given to the students at the beginning of next course, and they also debated on how to deal with students in the project implementation within schools. Another topic they discussed about was the different phases of the teenagers and the importance of the family and their education. It’s important to know how they’re going to react.



On the last day, they discussed the final Approving of the test elaborated by SERINDFORM and we gave the certificates to all participants. It has been a really successful meeting and we hope that this project achive a lot of good things for the students!

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