This year we have collaborated in different KA2


During this year, we have collaborated in several KA2 projects.


We have started the KA2 AEF Youth of Violence (“Youth Support for a stronger Europe, joining together against gender violence”), a multilateral strategic partnership between 5 European countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Portugal) which goal, in addition to the specific objectives of the project, is to allow the development of networks, the increase of the capacity to work at a transnational level and the sharing and confrontation of ideas, practices and methods. The first Meeting was in Malta, specifically in the town of Sant Julian, last March. In July, we had the C1 Training Event in Massa, Italy, and it was a total success!


Also, we have been working within other KA2 projects: New Skills, New Jobs, SMART and THE BOND. The first one, is project that aims to promote the employment of people with disadvantaged situations, reduced capacity, social problems and disability (it finishes this year). The second one, is about Social Media in Young People and the first Meeting was near to the city centre of Berlin, in Bernau; and THE BOND, is a new project that wants to improve the situation of teenage girls who get pregnant and give birth. The first Meeting will be in Lousada, in Portugal, next September.


We ended the KA2 MAMEC and we celebrated the Multiplier Event in Madrid, it was very good!


We really want to continue with so many good projects and participate in more!

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