Research on Best Practices of the KA2 SMART


This year, we’re being partner of the KA2 Project SMART, a Strategic Partnership about Social Media and the importance of these tools in young people. 


We’ve completed our Research on Best Practices where we’ve investigated about the relationship with socioeconomical issues, possible solutions and the government measures of this topic. 


Download the Document here —> Research on best practices (MAD for Europe)


Also, we’ve have analized the opinion of  young people about social media. For this activity, three young students from Spain have been interviewed. They talk their experience with social networks and what they think about it, its benefits and also the disadvantages. 


-James, from Barcelona, ​​explains that it’s very useful because you can search whatever you want and inform you about everything. The danger thing is that, especially in schools, the bulling that comes from it.  

-Celia, talks about the rapid accessibility of social networks to be in touch with your loved ones even if you are far away. The negative part is that there’s not privacy. 

-Marta, explains the facility of having a “video call” and being able to see easily with just one call to your friends. The downside is that it can take away a lot of time, especially when you are studying or doing important things.


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