KA2 Strategic Partnership: HOSTVET


From October 1st 2019, we are partners of a new KA2 Strategic Partnership called HOSTVET: “Improvement of the management of local hosting  VET organisations in touristic sector”.


The main objective of this project is to share best practices and develope new strategies about management of hosting organisations for internship programmes in tourism and cultural and creative enterprises sectors.


Among the objectives are to increase the level of knowledge of the ERASMUS + program in the partner cities, increase the number of Sardinian companies involved in the ERASMUS + program and work to share best practices in the management of shipping / hosting organizations that they will involve FP students in mobility projects.


From October, we are working in new proposals to present at the January kick off meeting in Brussels.


To know more information about the project, visit the website!


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Advanced Preliminar visit of the KA1 Be Art in Madrid


We’re happy to announce that next December we will have our 7th Youth Exchange about Urban Art in Madrid. It will be from the 1st to the 5th of December 2019. 


“BE-ART! Beyond Art: Creative Young People Spreading Their Voice it’s the Youth Exchange that will bring 48 participants from 8 different countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Greece and Spain. All of them will participate in activities related with urban art, and they will explore the city of Madrid, and the story of this art in their streets. 


It aims to focus attention on the power of street-art and how it can help young people (from 16 to 30 years old) to spread and communicate a social message, in order to build a creative space to promote an intercultural-dialogue.


Today, we had the Advanced Preliminar Visit, where the group leaders and us, MAD for Europe, have met in a Meeting Room to discuss all the project, the characteristics of the participantes, the accommodation, the activities, the insurance, etc. It has been a great meeting, and we finished the day with a Guided Tour in the city centre of Madrid, visiting the places where the activities will take part next December!



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Don’t miss the video of the KA1 R3CYCLE


Last June, we had in Madrid our 5th Youth Exchange about Recycle and it was a total success! 48 participants from 8 different countries came to Spain during 5 days to do a lot of activities related with the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They had a great time and learned a lot!

If you want to know more about the project, visit the website: https://ka1recycle.wordpress.com/

Don’t miss the video!!! 

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New KA1 about URBAN ART approved!


We’re very happy to announce that the National Agency has approved us a new KA1 Youth Exchange! “BE-ART! Beyond Art: Creative Young People Spreading Their Voice”  is our 7th Youth Exchange that will take part in Madrid next November. The main topic is about Urban Art, it’s very interesting and fun!


The main idea of this project is focused on the power of street-art and its importance to help young people to spread and communicate a social message, in order to build a creative space to promote an intercultural-dialogue. So, the aim of this Youth Exchange is to promote features and utilization of the street-art among the participants in order to help them to communicate and express their self through it. 


If you are a participant, join the Facebook Group! –>https://www.facebook.com/groups/KA1BEART/ 


We will upload more info during these days!

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APV of the KA1 HELPDIS in Madrid



The Advanced Planning Visit has been from the 15th to the 17th of July 2019 in Madrid. Some of the most important topics that we discussed where the subdivision of the tasks of the partners, the presentation of the risk management, proposal of menus, management and supports for disabled people or division of the participants in the rooms.


On the first day, we had a Welcome Meeting. Later, on Tuesday 16th, we started the meeting in the Youth Center Chamberí: at the beginning of it, MAD for Europe made a presentation about their organization and then the other partners presented theirs. Afterwards, everything related to the project was explained and we reviewed some details such as the dates, the budget that each member has, the number of participants, etc. We follow-up on selection criteria and participants’ insurance and described a definition of work strategies for group training before the starting of the Project.


Later, we had a small breakfast and them we discussed about more topics such us the subdivision of tasks of the partners (group dynamics to develop, group games, facilitators, brainstorming, multicultural events, etc.), the presentation of the risk management list and its solutions, the management and supports for disabled participants and some proposals of menus for intercultural meals and dinners. We also discussed about the division of the participants in the rooms.


After lunch, we visited the accommodation place and later all working places where the activities will take part. With this, we also had a Guided Tour in the city centre of Madrid, so all the group leaders had the opportunity to know more the city.


All the Group Leaders had the opportunity to stay at the hostel, so they could see all the facilities of the accommodation that the participants will have.

It was a very successful meeting because we had time to explain all the project: objectives, main idea, the activities one by one, insurance, dates, accommodation, meals… All partners have been very willing and have collaborated with their ideas.


We are very happy because it has been a really good meeting!


You can know more about the project here https://ka1helpdis.wordpress.com/


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Our 5th KA1 Youth Exchange has been a total success!


A few days ago, we enjoyed our 5th Youth Exchange in Madrid! The topic was how to recycle in a dynamic way. 


KA1 R3CYCLE has been a project that has united 48 participants from 8 different countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, France, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria. We had a lot of fun and all of them learned a lot about the topic of recycling. We did all the activities and some of them where very good to know each other, they have become great friends!


With this project, we wanted to raise awareness among young people and citizens who were involved of the benefits of recycling, since usually people are not aware of the importance of reusing materials. At the same time, the project aims to know the different techniques of recycling and what is done later. It is especially interesting to train the participants in this field knowing the whole environmental process that is applied in Europe.


The project was organized with physical activities and environmental methods which were tools also to promote active citizenship among young people, intercultural dialogue and that overcome barriers and fears, to play and work in teams and to be able to accept and understand any person, wherever they come from.


We organized a series of activities, all related to the world of Recycling that were realized in a recreational environment, open spaces and outdoor places; all of them connected with the non-formal education of young people.


To know more about this amazing project and to see all the pictures, visit the website https://ka1recycle.wordpress.com/



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New Course! Happy School and Positive Education


We’re very happy to announce a new Training Course that MAD for Europe will impart from now on in Madrid! The name is “Happy School and Positive Education”, and its about how can teachers help with the feelings of the students at school.


With this course, we want to combine the importance of the feelings and emotions of the students. We want to focus on this aspect based on the studies of Martin Seligman, an American psychologist, who gives special importance to this topic in his “Positive Psychology” documents. The aim of this course is that, thanks to the techniques that teachers give to their students, they can discover their strengths by studying, so that they can see it in a more dynamic and productive way, combining success at the academic level and at the social level.


It has been created for teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders. The duration of the course is 1 week and it will be done in the centre of the city of Madrid.


You can sign up here!


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Dissemination of the KA1 R3CYCLE on the radio


Yesterday, we had the great opportunity of visiting the local radio of the Council of Madrid! The program of M21, “Extraordinarios”, invited us to talk about MAD for Europe and our new KA1 R3CYCLE (Nº 2018-3-ES02-KA105-012655) that will take place this week, from the 23rd to the 28th of June.


We explained the origin of the name, with the 3, because of the 3R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Also, we talked about the activities and they liked it a lot! We participated with other members that work also in the topic of the recycle.


You can listen to the podcast here> https://www.m21radio.es/podcast/extraordinarios/extraordinarios-19062019


In this project, we will involve 48 participants from 8 different countries: Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Greece, Portugal and France. They will enjoy a lot because we have prepared a lot of activities related with recycling. To know more about this great project, visit the website!


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3rd Transnational Meeting of the KA2 SMART in Madrid


During these days, we had the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the KA2 SMART in Madrid. The Meeting was from the 4th to the 5th of June 2019. 


The first day, all partners presented what they had done during the last months of the project and it also attended one participant per country that will go to the next Youth Exchange in Berlin this June. The coordinators explained to them what they would do and organized the activities well.


We ended the day with a tour of the center of Madrid guided by MAD for Europe members and with a social dinner for all the partners.


The next day, the following proposed topics were studied such as the Timesheet, exchange issues and what had to be done during the next months of the project. It was a very complete meeting and all the objectives were met!






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