New KA1 Project: MAD for Culture


We’re happy to announce that we got a new KA1 approved!


MAD FOR CULTURE (nº 2018-2-ES02-KA105-011418) is a Youth Project that brings together people from different European countries in a 5-day program of activities on cultural heritage and traditions, to improve European citizenship, youth participation and transnational unity. The main objective of this KA1 is to deepen the knowledge of European cultural heritage, trying to understand the differences and common origins of different EU countries, focusing on the interrelation of different traditions that made the EU one of the most heterogeneous and rich cribs of the world.


This project will be held in Madrid, Spain and it is funded by the Spanish National Agency of the Erasmus + Program and will bring together 42 young people from 7 different countries: Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Norway and France, aged between 18 and 30 years.


If you are a participant of this event or a contact person for this project, please join the Facebook group:


The main activities of the “MAD for Culture” project will give participants the opportunity to know the importance of cultural heritage through tangible culture (such as monuments, landscapes and works of art) and intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge).


Participants will have the opportunity to reflect and discuss the subject and explore different cultures and backgrounds through the arts used as a tool to share and create traditions. The activities aim to make young people appreciate the richness of their environment and develop an awareness of the local, national and international heritage.


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1st Meeting of the KA2 THE BOND in Portugal


From the 17th to the 18th of September, we had our first KA2 Meeting of the Project “The Bond”. It’s a Strategic Partnership to improve the situation of teenage girls who get pregnant and give birth. 


We had it in Lousada, a town near from Oporto, in Portugal. We all stayed in “Lousada Country Hotel”, a very nice place where we also had the Meeting. 


We discussed about the main topic of the project, the specific tasks and the Intellectual Outputs, as well as the important issues of adolescent mothers who have their babies. It has been a very successful Meeting and we learned a lot about this subjetc.


We are very sure that it will be a very enriching project!


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Research on Best Practices of the KA2 SMART


This year, we’re being partner of the KA2 Project SMART, a Strategic Partnership about Social Media and the importance of these tools in young people. 


We’ve completed our Research on Best Practices where we’ve investigated about the relationship with socioeconomical issues, possible solutions and the government measures of this topic. 


Download the Document here —> Research on best practices (MAD for Europe)


Also, we’ve have analized the opinion of  young people about social media. For this activity, three young students from Spain have been interviewed. They talk their experience with social networks and what they think about it, its benefits and also the disadvantages. 


-James, from Barcelona, ​​explains that it’s very useful because you can search whatever you want and inform you about everything. The danger thing is that, especially in schools, the bulling that comes from it.  

-Celia, talks about the rapid accessibility of social networks to be in touch with your loved ones even if you are far away. The negative part is that there’s not privacy. 

-Marta, explains the facility of having a “video call” and being able to see easily with just one call to your friends. The downside is that it can take away a lot of time, especially when you are studying or doing important things.


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Looking for Partners for a Ka1 Youth Exchange in the centre of Madrid


The aim of this project is to help young people (from 18 to 30 years old) to reflect on the problem of recycling and make Europe better: cleaner and more efficient. At the same time physical activity and environmental methods will be tools to promote active citizenship among young people, intercultural dialogue and will overcome barriers and fears, to play and work in teams and to be able to accept and understand any person, wherever he/she comes from.


So we’ve organized a series of activities, all related to the world of Recycling that will be realized in a recreational environment, open spaces and outdoor places; all of them connected with the non-formal education of young people. The exchange will be organized in the city of Madrid in Spring 2019. We’re looking for partners from: Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom.

➩ To join us, send an email to:


Thank you!


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MAD for Europe in Uganda


Last month, we participated in an African project!


A group from Spain formed by 15 women, went to Uganda to do a voluntary work in a school near Kampala. The school name is Bugabo Primary School and its formed by seven primary courses (from Primary 1 to Primary 7). There are a total of 300 pupils with 10 well trained teachers and 4 non-teaching staff members.


The group of spaniards went there to educate teachers and students in different type of programs: one was about training teachers the education skills that we use in Europe, such us internet, Microsoft Office and basic things of the computers. In this course, MAD for Europe donated folders for each participant teacher and they really like them! They put inside our folders all the important documents and they were really pleased. 


We are really happy at being part of this amazing project!  


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This year we have collaborated in different KA2


During this year, we have collaborated in several KA2 projects.


We have started the KA2 AEF Youth of Violence (“Youth Support for a stronger Europe, joining together against gender violence”), a multilateral strategic partnership between 5 European countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Portugal) which goal, in addition to the specific objectives of the project, is to allow the development of networks, the increase of the capacity to work at a transnational level and the sharing and confrontation of ideas, practices and methods. The first Meeting was in Malta, specifically in the town of Sant Julian, last March. In July, we had the C1 Training Event in Massa, Italy, and it was a total success!


Also, we have been working within other KA2 projects: New Skills, New Jobs, SMART and THE BOND. The first one, is project that aims to promote the employment of people with disadvantaged situations, reduced capacity, social problems and disability (it finishes this year). The second one, is about Social Media in Young People and the first Meeting was near to the city centre of Berlin, in Bernau; and THE BOND, is a new project that wants to improve the situation of teenage girls who get pregnant and give birth. The first Meeting will be in Lousada, in Portugal, next September.


We ended the KA2 MAMEC and we celebrated the Multiplier Event in Madrid, it was very good!


We really want to continue with so many good projects and participate in more!

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MAD For Europe begins with another exciting KA2 Youth!


We have started a new and exciting project, in which MAD For Europe is a partner. SMART is the name of this project that aims to raise awareness and make young people aware of the benefits and in turn the dangers of knowing how to use social networks or not: in a world in which social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat can determine our future.


The objective of the project is to raise awareness among young people between the ages of 16 and 24, to know how to use the networks for their own benefit, and of the dangers they may run for their future, by uploading inappropriate material. A project whose coordinating organization is IB (Germany) and, apart from MAD For Europe as partners, are also organizations from Italy, Lithuania and Norway.

The first meeting was in Berlin, at the end of June, and we meet the other partners, saw calendars, knew the role of each partner and the background project, decided the dates of the meetings, presented our organizations and discussed the central pillar of the project. We also decided the guidelines to follow during the entire duration of the project.

This beautiful project will last 21 months and will include intellectual products to develop it (apart from the different meetings): an exchange in Germany where 5 youngsters and one trainer will be able to participate from each partner country. These participants will be selected 9 months before and will be trained for the benefits of the project and its objective.


MAD For Europe begins with another exciting KA2 Youth, in which we will inform you about the news, as well as its website and the Facebook page, that are already working on it so they can open them very soon!

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Great results in the C1 Event of our KA2 AEF Juventud in Italy


The second meeting of the KA2 AEF YOUTH project was held in Italy, specifically in the town of Massa, from the 2th to the 6th of July. It was a C1 EVENT: SP-YOUTH-SHORT-TRAIN.


In total we were 10 participants from 5 different associations (MAD for Europe, Asociatia EU-RO-IN, Training to Malta, Agrupamento de Escolas de Benavente and I.E.S SANTA ENGRACIA). From Italy host organization, SERINDFORM SRL, there were 2 of them and a Psychologist.


The first day of the meeting and all partners started with a reception of the partners in the Meeting Room of SERINDFORM. They delivered the material and MAD for Europe explained an introduction of the activities of the short term joint staff of the Training Event. Later, also us, presented the best practices of Spain and we all had a debate.

The next day, we presented the work plan (the first six months of the Project implementation, Project Management, administration, documentation and dissemination, the confirmation of the Project Committee for each partner organization…). Also we explained the creation of the social media, the website, the Google Drive and the first tasks.




After this introduction, Training to Malta and AE Benavente presented their Best Practices: a general introduction and National Data of the Gender Violence situation in each country and their Educational Module. They both talked about two interesting methods: Training to Malta about a PC game for students called PROSAVE and AE Benavente about practical tool called PADLET that consist in asking to the students some questions after they show them a video related with gender violence between young people.



Later, all partners had a Social Lunch in the Meeting Room ordered by SERINDFORM. They ordered pizza and tipical italian dishes, everything was really tasty! After lunch, IES Santa Engracia presented their Best Practices and they explained some cases of gender violence referred to schools in Spain and in their institute.



On Wednesday, the meeting started with the presentation of the Best Practices of EU-RO-IN and SERINDFORM. They explained the National Data of their countries and the Module that they had to present about gender violence. EU-RO-IN had two different modules and they talked about the gender empowerment, their consequences and also about how to prevent the discussions of men and women, that generates later violence. The main topic of the module that SERINDFORM presented was the importance of communication and how young people have to deal with this problem with a good communication between them.



After this, SERINDFORM organized a meeting with a Scholastic Executive who explained different methods and models applied within the prevention of juvenile gender violence. She talked about the local board education in Italy, comparing with other countries. Also, she explained some campaigns related with the topic that had been very important and projects about education, relationships and family.


All partners debate their ideas and techniques that they apply every day in their school. It was really successful because each one contributed a lot of ideas for the project.


Later, we went to a cultural visit to the Quarries of Marble of Carrara. SERINDFORM organized a great trip to this part of Italy and we had a tour visit with a guide that explained us the history of that part of Carrara, the importance of the Marble and other interesting topics. Later, we had a social lunch.



The next day, MAD for Europe, explained to the rest of the partners the Joint Document on non formal activities to prevent Juvenile Gender Violence. All the partners had to approve it: structure of the preparation of the document, open debate on the content, discussion on how to adapt best practices to the document, deadlines…


After this, they had a Debate with the Psychologist that attended all the sessions of this course. They discussed about the test that it will be given to the students at the beginning of next course, and they also debated on how to deal with students in the project implementation within schools. Another topic they discussed about was the different phases of the teenagers and the importance of the family and their education. It’s important to know how they’re going to react.



On the last day, they discussed the final Approving of the test elaborated by SERINDFORM and we gave the certificates to all participants. It has been a really successful meeting and we hope that this project achive a lot of good things for the students!

To see all the pictures, click here.






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MAMEC Final Event in Madrid


For the Multiplier Event of the KA2 MAMEC Project  “Autonomous Mothers: Measures and Strategies for balancing family and work” (“Madres Autónomas: Medidas y Estrategias para Conciliar  vida familiar y laboral”), we had three sessions:


The first one was the 10th of May. We explained the project, the objectives and a brief description of each partner.


Later, we showed pictures of the MAMEC Course in the four countries: Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece, and we discussed about the modules and the business created by women entrepreneur mothers. At the end of the session, we gave them the MAMEC Guideline and we finish with the conclusions of the project.


The second session was the 17th of May. We did the same process than the first one, also giving the MAMEC Guideline to all the assistants.



The third one, was the 24th of May. We celebrated this final event of dissemination in the “Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality” in Calle Alcalá 37 in Madrid.


We celebrated this final event of dissemination in the “Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality” in Calle Alcalá 37 in Madrid.


First, we organized the whole space with an accreditation table with the folders of MAD for Europe, the program of the day, a flyer with the description of our organization, a roll-up and the event room with the screens with the MAMEC logo .



We started the event with some people and, as they came more, they pointed their name on the list of accreditations and entered the room. After the opening of the day in which we welcomed the attendees, Katia Maccarone, Managing Director of MAD for Europe, gave a brief explanation about our organization.


Next, Gregorio García-Solans, Cultural Director of MAD for Europe, and Marta Sáez, Head of the Communication Department, joined the presentation and explained, together with Katia, the European MAMEC Project: introduction, objectives, results, methodological guide , innovation and sustainability.


Then, it was the turn of four enterprising mothers who told their testimony: two of them have been with their project for several years, and the other two were assistants of the MAMEC Course that we carried out last November of 2017 and, thanks to this course, they were encouraged to start their own business.


Covadonga García-Solans, the first speaker, is Managing Partner of “García-Solans Tax Advisors”, a company that began alone several years ago at home, while taking care of her children. Despite her difficulties, she was able to move her business forward and currently, with four children, she has an office in the center of Madrid, with employees already working with her. A great testimony!



María Pascual, the second speaker, is the founder of “Catering Las Marías” (the catering service that attended our event) and, due to personal problems that got in the way, she was able to get the necessary strength to start the business at the same time She took care of her husband and children. She has been a great fighter and, thanks to her courage and courage, she has been able to set up her catering and currently has many clients.


On the other hand, Marjore Urdaneta is the founder of “Mi Fiesta Guay”, a small company that is dedicated to birthday parties in a big way for the little ones. Their motivation is to make the children smile and to be happy on such a special day for them. It was not her idea at first, but it was launched and it takes very little time, but she is very happy.


Let’s hope it goes great and can move forward with this great project! The last one to speak was Magola Acosta, a mother woman who with four children has created “Magola’s Cake”, a service that makes incredible cakes. In addition to its excellent decoration, Magola said that every order they ask him puts his best effort to make it perfect. She had to bring her baby because she is still very small. A great example of an entrepreneur mother!


The four speakers were interviewed by a member of MAD for Europe and told about their difficulties, experiences and advice for future entrepreneurs. They made a very good presentation since the four of them were talking to each other and supporting each other.


We had a coffee-break where we had it with biscuits and had the opportunity to talk with both speakers and attendees.



At the end of the break, Ana Kovacs, a psychologist and entrepreneur who is part of the “Club de las Malas Madres” gave a lecture on how to face being a mother as well as an entrepreneur. He explained that everything is not perfect to have a child and that things are complicated (and much) along the way, but it is worth it. This presentation helped to understand that being a mother is already complicated, but if you reconcile it with being an entrepreneur, even more. But he also encouraged the speakers that we have to get ahead, be courageous and a very important issue: take care of mental health.


The next session was led by María García, Director of Programs of the National Confederation of Women in Equality, and Silvia Valmaña, spokesperson of the Group of Universities of the Popular Group. First, María spoke about “Conciliation as a right”, explaining which aids are provided in Spain to help these entrepreneur mothers and told their rights of the working mother, that everything has an impact on the birth rate since there are no laws to help, many women do not want to have children because they can not reconcile it with their work life.


The spokeswoman of the Popular Party, Silvia, defended the measures that her party defends and, together with María, they were discussing and sharing some similar ideas that benefit the well-being of women-entrepreneur mothers.



At lunch time, the food was great and it was to everyone’s taste and they were very satisfied.


After lunch, we present a video documentary with several photos of the entire MAMEC project during these two years: the beginning, the meetings in Croatia and Italy, the face-to-face course of the MAMEC in the four countries (Spain, Greece, Italy and Croatia) , photos of the project process…

To end the day, the last lecture was by Lourdes Fernández Molero, Director and Coordinator of cultural activities of the youth centers of the City of Madrid. Her lecture, entitled “The enterprising woman in Spain and in Madrid”, was very interesting since she explained the situation of women entrepreneurs in our country and showed some examples of women who, despite the difficulties, could set up their business from scratch.



The act concluded with a debate and conclusions of the act.


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We’ve been on the radio explaining our KA1 UNIYOUTH!


Last week, we had our KA1 UNIYOUTH where 48 participants from 8 different countries (Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, France and Spain) joined us in Madrid. We had a lot of activities about Tolerance and, on the last day, some of them went to a radio program called “El Mundo está Fuera” in the city centre to explain our project.


They invited one participant from each country and they enjoyed it a lot! Each one, spoke about the KA1 UNIYOUTH and the mission of this project: Tolerance around the world. They also explained some of the activities like a Gymkana in the Retiro Park, interview street citizens about refugees, drawing a big logo that represented tolerance… and much more!


If you want to listen to this interview, click here –> 


Thank you very much!

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