APV of the KA1 R3CYCLE in Madrid


In order to prepare the incoming KA1 R3CYCLE, we welcomed all group leaders from the 8 participant countries in Madrid in order to finish the organisation of all activities. The members were from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. After presenting our association MAD for Europe, we also presented the different activities that will take place during the KA1 from 23rd to 28th of June 2019.


After a little coffee break, we came back to all members presenting him/herself and the organisation in which he/she was part, and their mission within. We concluded our Welcome Meeting by organising the room distribution of all participants, by using post-it and trying to mix all nationalities (but not genders) and help inclusion of all.


And finally, we had a Tour in the centre of Madrid where all members were enchanted to discover many Spanish Monument and different Cultural Legacies.

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New Course: “Integration and Teaching Methods with Migrants”


MAD for Europe has been teaching Training Courses of all types for several years. Some of the most important are Educational Psychology, ICT or Web Marketing.


Now, we have created a new course entitled “Integration and Teaching Methods with Migrants”, a course that provides the opportunity to discuss integration challenges in a multi-cultural group with professionals. Among its objectives, we want to develop teaching methodologies to facilitate the integration and learning of migrants’ students, provide materials to train other colleagues or students and provide tools to raise young migrants’ self-confidence. Also, one of the most important things is to teach how to identify the educational needs of foreign students.


We offer this Training Course because the migration of people is an enduring phenomenon of the human society and the process of adapting to life in a new country is not always easy, especially for refugee youngsters which will become students in a new context.


Several European studies highlight the disadvantaged position of students from a migrant background like poor marks, a high proportion of students being kept back behind their year group and early drop-out.


The target group of this course is teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders and its duration is one week. It will be a full week with ice-breakers, practices and methodologies, effective learning processes… You can sign up in our contact form


This 2019, we will have three annual sessions: in April, June and November.


 If you want to know more about the course, click here! 

If you want to know the exact dates of the course in 2019, click here!


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They have approved us a new KA1 about Recycling!


We are very happy to announce that they have approved us a new KA1 Youth Exchange! It is the fifth exchange that we organize here in Madrid and we are very excited! The main theme of this exchange is Recycling and it’s called “KA1 R3CYCLE”. We’ve chosen this name because we wanted to refer to three important topics (the 3 R’s): REDUCE – REUSE and RECYCLE.


From June 23 to 28 this year, activities related to this topic will be held in the city center, all to raise awareness among young people of this important measure that is often not done. A total of 48 participants from 8 different countries will participate, from Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain.


All the information will be updated on the project website: www.ka1recycle.wordpress.com. Be updated!


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Looking for new partners KA2 Strategic Partnership in Adult Education


MAD for Europe is a EU organization located in the centre of Madrid and highly specialized in European Mobility and Training programs. Our services cover all levels: work experience&internships, Training Courses, job shadowing, professional visits, vocational training, language courses, study programs. We have gained great experience in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership both as coordinators and partners.


We are now looking for partners for a new KA2 Project proposal in Adult Education Development of Innovation about future entrepreneur mothers who want to create their own business from homes while they are taking care of their family. The main activities in this project will include training courses, seminars, conferences.


We are looking only for partners that could prove the following experience: work and help to unemployed women mothers, new technologies and digital world, training for disadvantaged groups, e-learning and distance training. It will be given a special importance to partners that have never worked in Erasmus+ KA2 projects.


If your institution fits with these requirements please send a detailed description of your activities and mission at: ka2strategicpartnerships@madforeurope.org

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KA1 MAD for Culture, our fourth Youth Exchange!


From the 18th of November to the 23rd of November, we had our fourth KA1 Youth: MAD for Culture. 


This project brought together people from different European countries in a 5-day program of activities on cultural heritage and traditions, to improve European citizenship, youth participation and transnational unity. The main objective of this KA1 has been to deepen the knowledge of European cultural heritage, trying to understand the differences and common origins of different EU countries, focusing on the interrelation of different traditions that made the EU one of the most heterogeneous cribs and rich of the world.


The main activities of the “MAD for Culture project gave participants the opportunity to know the importance of cultural heritage through tangible culture (such as monuments, landscapes and works of art) and intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions , language, and knowledge). Participants had the opportunity to reflect and discuss the subject and explore different cultures and backgrounds through the arts used as a tool to share and create traditions. The activities were aimed at young people for appreciate the richness of their environment and develop an awareness of local, national and international heritage.


This project has been held in Madrid, Spain and it was funded by the Spanish National Agency of the Erasmus + Program and has brought together 42 young people from 7 different countries: Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland and France, aged between 18 and 30 years.


To know more info, visit the website! www.ka1madforculture.wordpress.com




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MAD for Europe in Uganda


Last month, we participated in an African project!


A group from Spain formed by 15 women, went to Uganda to do a voluntary work in a school near Kampala. The school name is Bugabo Primary School and its formed by seven primary courses (from Primary 1 to Primary 7). There are a total of 300 pupils with 10 well trained teachers and 4 non-teaching staff members.


The group of spaniards went there to educate teachers and students in different type of programs: one was about training teachers the education skills that we use in Europe, such us internet, Microsoft Office and basic things of the computers. In this course, MAD for Europe donated folders for each participant teacher and they really like them! They put inside our folders all the important documents and they were really pleased. 


We are really happy at being part of this amazing project!  


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Christmas visit of Cyprus students


During this days, a group of six students and two teachers from Cyprus are having proffesional visits in Madrid. In their  countries, they are studing hostelery and here they are learning our techniques and culture tips.


They have already participated in cooking classes with our chef Sheila, where they have learned how to cook typical Spanish dishes such as paella, black pudding or tapas with Serrano ham. In addition, they have also visited a hostelery institute in the center of Madrid where they learned the education techniques of this sector in Spain.


They will also visit a shopping center with typical Spanish products and they wont miss a Christmas visit in the heart of the capital.


They are having a great time!



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Erasmus KA2 ‘New skills, new jobs’


Erasmus KA2 strategic partnership (HU01-KA202-023042), seeking the better ways for the integration of disabled people into the labor market.


This Erasmus + project aims to promote the employment of people with disadvantaged situations, reduced capacity, social problems and disability, in an international cooperation between the 5 countries involved (Hungary, Cyprus, Spain, Czech Republic and Estonia). It also intends to provide career start advice on how to integrate the world of work.

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