Happy School and Positive Education


How can we help with the feelings of the students at school? With this course, we want to combine the importance of the feelings and emotions of the students. We want to focus on this aspect based on the studies of Martin Seligman, an American psychologist, who gives special importance to this topic in his “Positive Psychology” documents.


This course will offer teachers and trainers the opportunity to combine a formal education based on discipline and studies with an education focused on emotions and motivation so that pupils see it as something optimistic to go to class and study their subjects. With this, it can be guaranteed that they find the balance between both things.


The aim of this course is that, thanks to the techniques that teachers give to their students, they can discover their strengths by studying, so that they can see it in a more dynamic and productive way, combining success at the academic level and at the social level.


Duration: 1 week and includes one professional and cultural visit.


For Teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders.


Courses: Happy School and Positive Education