International Mobility


At MAD for Europe we firmly believe in the relevance of international mobility in the acquisition of new skills and knowledge and as an investment for personal growth, employability and participation in the labour market. In fact we put all our effort in order to organize successful training programs that meet the educational and professional needs of all participants.


Our Training Mobility Offers cover all levels: work experience programs, training courses for teachers and school staff, job shadowing for professionals, initial vocational training, language courses, higher and adult education.


MAD for Europe works with different programs of the European Union (Erasmus+, Lifelong Learning Programme, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens, EYF, Creative Europe …), with the European Social Fund and collaborates with a strong number of cultural institutions, training centres and several universities.


We are also specialized in international programs for the Italian Secondary Schools, promoted by national or regional operative programs (POR and PON C1/C5 European Social Fund), whose destination is Madrid or any other Spanish city.[:]