The project “Youth Support for a stronger Europe, joining together against gender violence” is a multilateral strategic partnership between 5 European countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Portugal) which goal, in addition to the specific objectives of the project, is to allow the development of networks, the increase of the capacity to work at a transnational level and the sharing and confrontation of ideas, practices and methods.

Following the EU 2020 Strategy, which has among its main objectives the fight against violence, we want to take an important step to prevent youth violence by involving schools, institutes and educational centers to inform, teach and above all, educate on this issue.


Project activities will focus on the following priorities:

>Raise awareness of the problem in young people, teachers, youth organizations and public institutions

>The improvement of young people’s relationship skills and personal sense of security

>The improvement of the formal, non-formal and informal education system on the subject

>Our Project will be implemented over 2 years

>Start Date: 1st February 2018

>End Date: 30 September 2019

>Duration: 20 months


TARGET GROUP: Our project will involve 500 young people between 15 and 18 years old and more than 100 professionals and experts on the subject (teachers, educators, psychologists and youth workers).




>Spain – MAD for Europe

>Spain – IES Santa Engracia


>Malta – Training to Malta

>Romania – EU-RO-IN

>Portugal – AE Benavente




1st Meeting Malta (7 – 8 March 2018)


The first meeting of the KA2 AEF YOUTH project was held in Malta, specifically in the town of Sant Julian. n total there were 9 participants from 5 different associations (MAD for Europe, Asociatia EU-RO-IN, Agrupamento de Escolas de Benavente, SERINDFORM SRL and I.E.S SANTA ENGRACIA). From Malt host organization, Training to Malta, there were 2 of them.


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2nd Meeting: Training Event C1 in Massa, Italy (2 – 6 July 2018)


The second meeting of the KA2 AEF YOUTH project was held in Italy, specifically in the town of Massa. It was a C1 EVENT: SP-YOUTH-SHORT-TRAIN. In total there were 10 participants from 5 different associations (MAD for Europe, Asociatia EU-RO-IN, Training to Malta, Agrupamento de Escolas de Benavente and I.E.S SANTA ENGRACIA). From Italy host organization, SERINDFORM SRL, there were 2 of them and a Psychologist.



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Website and Social Networks:


-Website: https://ka2aefjuventudspain.wixsite.com/home


-Twitter: @Ka2AEFJuventud

-Instagram: @ka2aefjuventud




-First Meeting in Malta of our KA2 AEF Juventud

-Great results in the C1 Event of our KA2 AEF Juventud in Italy