Spain And Its Traditions


The diversity of Spain makes that some of its traditions and especially the fiesta phenomenon is known all around the world. This course will show the Spanish variety and wealth, its most special customs and characteristic festivals.


Our country is very varied, perhaps for its weather or for the numerous cultures that, throughout the centuries, has envied to have this land. Our courses will also give an answer to some unknowns and mysteries that make Spain a so special and different country as for its hours, joy, vitality…


It will be, above all, a practical course during which we will visit traditional places in order to understand and appreciate our customs.


Furthermore each course will coincide with some tradition or important celebration and we will be real witness of it as we will participate!


The Feria, The Semana Santa, The Sanfermines, The Fallas, Saint John Nights, Carnivals, The Tomatina and many others!


Duration: 1 to 2 weeks


For Teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders.


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