Last week, we went to Malta to the first Meeting of our new KA2 Strategic Partnership Project “AEF Juventud: Apoyo Joven por una Europa más fuerte, nos unimos contra la violencia de género” (“Youth support for a stronger Europe, joining together against gender violence”). During these days, we had all the meetings with the partners and it was really successful. On the last day, we closed the meeting with the communication and dissemination plan with deadlines, the structure and content of the reports and we received the mobility certificates. Finally, our Maltese partners made us a cultural visit to the centre of La Valeta. It was really interesting!


This project started last February and will be until September of 2019 and involves 500 young people between 15 and 18 years old and more than 100 professionals and experts on the subject (teachers, educators, psychologists and youth workers). This Strategic Partnership will be very prosperous with the participants of all our partners!


This project is a multilateral strategic partnership between 5 European countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Portugal) which goal, in addition to the specific objectives of the project, is to allow the development of networks, the increase of the capacity to work at a transnational level and the sharing and confrontation of ideas, practices and methods. 


We want to take an important step to prevent youth violence by involving schools, institutes and educational centers to inform, teach and above all, educate on this issue. To know more about it, click here.


Here are some photos of this meeting!