In order to prepare the incoming KA1 R3CYCLE, we welcomed all group leaders from the 8 participant countries in Madrid in order to finish the organisation of all activities. The members were from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. After presenting our association MAD for Europe, we also presented the different activities that will take place during the KA1 from 23rd to 28th of June 2019.


After a little coffee break, we came back to all members presenting him/herself and the organisation in which he/she was part, and their mission within. We concluded our Welcome Meeting by organising the room distribution of all participants, by using post-it and trying to mix all nationalities (but not genders) and help inclusion of all.


And finally, we had a Tour in the centre of Madrid where all members were enchanted to discover many Spanish Monument and different Cultural Legacies.