The Youth Exchange KA1 UNIEUROPE (Nº 2019-3-ES02-KA105-013933) is another project which we have sadly had to postpone due to COVID-19, similarly with KA1 MUC. This project is about the importance of raising awareness amongst young people of their European belonging and the benefits of the European Union. We want to understand our European identity and we’ll learn about the values, history, errors and achievements of Europe. With that said we also want to strengthen the ties between our countries.

This exchange was meant to be carried out in June 2020, involving 48 participants from 8 different European countries. In order to come up with a solution we met with the project partners via Zoom, in which we explained our current situation and what would be our best solution: we have decided to postpone this project. In December we’ll have another meeting to see how it is all going and to discuss the next steps we should take.

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