We’re coordinators of the KA2 EDU.GUIDANCE, a KA2 project about whose goal, in addition to the specific objectives of the project, is to innovate, internationalize and make educational guidance more effective, by integrating it into the didactics and creating awareness of the different agents that influence the choice processes of young people.

One of the activities we have is the tool PRO.GUIDING, a web portal that will have a direct impact on the educational community as a large number of users will be able to benefit from its contents and have very complete information on the academic studies to be followed and their own aptitudes.

It is innovative because it will include in the educational guidance initiatives both the contents and competences necessary for the development of vocational maturity and those more related to specific transitions.

The role of Pro.Guiding, therefore, will be to welcome research, material and all that can be used to improve educational guidance practices. It will approach the guidance process in a student-friendly and engaging way, inviting young people to reflect, discover and explore their environment through different contexts and to make informed decisions about their academic and professional future.