During the last week of November (22th – 26th) we hosted 36 young people between 16 and 30 years to carry out a stimulating youth exchange about the world of fashion. The participants were from 6 different european countries: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Romania, France and Spain and this leads to a big sharing of way of living and cultures. It also has been great to involve participants with fewer opportunities, victims of geographic, social or economic obstacles.

KA1 YOUTH “FASHCOOL: Find FASHhion in Culture: be COOL” aimed to raise awareness among the participants of the importance and the cultural wealth of diversity, using fashion as a tool, which is the result of historical events, traditions, and the culture of a country. The context of the project was a non-formal educational project where the young participants could improve their skills and knowledge.

Through the activities we organized, each group tried to clearly define its own culture through fashion and then share it with the other countries. Thanks to the fact that the activities were carried out in outdoor places, we could also involve local citizens spreading our message of cultural identification through fashion. Not to mention the fact that in this way the participants were able to explore the beautiful capital of Spain.

The week spent with this group was great and we had a lot of fun, everyone had a great time and was very engaged. The guys created very nice bonds of friendship and returned home surely enriched both in knowledge and from the human point of view.

To know more about this amazing project and to see all the pictures, visit the website https://ka1fashcool.wordpress.com/about-2/