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We are a non-profit association, active in the labour market and in the fields of education, training and youth culture.

MAD for Europe lands in andalucia

We will be present specifically in 3 of its main cities Cordoba, Malaga and Seville.


The new EU Program, Erasmus+ 2014-2020 includes all the initiatives of education, training, youth and sport.


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MAD for Europe

Closing the frontiers…


21st Century. We live in a society in the full process of change thanks to centuries of past advances and newly evolving technologies. This has enabled us to break down barriers and bring us closer to our cultures.

In these changing times, MAD for Europe has been constituted as a non-profit organisation that aspires to bring Europe to you all, and aims at improving the quality of life of all Europeans with programs like Erasmus +, LLP, Horizon2020, Europe for Citizens, EYF, Creative Europe, with educational projects to integrate people with problems or socially excluded into our society and provide them with a better future helping them develop their own talents and qualities.

Since our inception, the importance of both social and cultural projects has been our primary concern, because the development and education of people depend on cultural awareness.

We have a great team and shall go forward together, step by step, so that our association as one small grain of sand may contribute to the growth, equity and welfare of the individuals.

Our headquarters are in Madrid, the cultural centre and economic engine of Spain, also known for being very open and welcome to outsiders making you feel right at home.

MAD for Europe lands in Andalucia!

We have decided to expand our presence, to include Andalusia in our projects. We will be present in 3 of its main cities Cordoba, Malaga and Seville

Our first group in Madrid after the COVID situation!

  Today we're very happy because we received our first group in Madrid after the COVID situation! They come from Latvia, and they will do Work Placements in a restaurant in the city centre. We had the Welcome Meeting and the guided tour (with face masks ) and...

New Video of Andalusia!

Do you want to know what we're doing in Andalusia? We are present in three important cities: Cordoba, Seville and Malaga. Don't miss the video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56fwPwUTAsI

Our interns this course

At MAD for Europe, every year we have many interns who work with us for a few months. Since September 2019, we have had with us three girls from Italy (Eugenia, Angelica and Marta), two from Germany (Lea and Lars), one from France (Quentin) and currently we also have...

Do you want to join our Training Courses?

As you know, from MAD for Europe we impart many Training Courses specialized in a lot of sectors. We provide courses for all projects under Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Teachers and Staff and also for groups and other stakeholders. Through these activities and the...

Online Language Courses

From MAD for Europe, during these days, we are very active teaching ONLINE Spanish Courses 🇪🇸📖 We impart them according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for language skills, validated by the language training center that develops...

Second Transnational Meeting KA2 HOSTVET

From the 18th to the 20th of May, we had our Second Transnational Meeting of the KA2 HOSTVET: “Improvement of the management of local hosting  VET organisations in touristic sector”. This meeting was going to be in Portugal, but because of the COVID-19...

Digital internships at MAD for Europe

We know that the situation we're facing with the COVID-19 it's very complicated, and many participants that were coming to do their Work Placements to Spain, they can't do it at the moment. That's why we have started with DIGITAL INTERNSHIPS, so participants can be...

Advances on KA2 Makers+

MAD For Europe, continues to advance the Makers+ project, a KA2 that aims to train through new technologies, teachers and students, unemployed people, and interested, gaining greater skills and increasing their chances of preparation and employability, for this, will...

What about the blog of the KA2 The Bond?

In the project "KA2 The Bond" one element that we consider fundamental is the diffusion of news related to pregnancies and teenage maternity. The dissemination of news consists of two different types: On the one hand, the replication of information from other websites...

Start of the peer-to-peer activities of the KA2 SUPEER project

  KA2 SUPEER, which aims at integration and understanding between young immigrants and locals through peer-to-peer activities, and of which MAD For Europe is one of the main partners, has continued its courses. In this way, from January onwards, once young...

People have participated in our national and international projects

Companies have worked together with us

Final Video KA2 MAMEC Spain

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Calle Carranza 25, 5. Office 4
28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone : (+34) 91 041 38 84
Email: info@madforeurope.org

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