Training For Teachers And Staff

Within mobility projects, training for teachers and staff covers two main objectives: on the one hand allow the beneficiaries to learn about the transfer of knowledge and acquire practical abilities, on the other hand to learn from the experiences and best practices of the institution partner and expand the required skills for their current job.


One of MAD for Europe main objectives is the innovation and training within the European Union, the exchange and continuous cooperation between the different educational systems, training and employment centres in order to be a point of quality worldwide. That’s why, thanks to our extensive experience in this field, we are able to provide the best training programs for teachers, boards of directors, managing staffs and professionals from any sector.


The activities we offer are varied: seminars, workshops, courses and conferences, practical training programs, job shadowing, study visits, etc…


In particular, the training programs implemented by MAD for Europe are:


Job shadowing & Study visits


MAD for Europe coordinates and organizes personalized study visits, depending on the specialities of the participants, visits to companies, organizations and centres of Madrid and of Spain. We also provide staff observation programs (job shadowing) in to share working methods and learn from their Spanish colleagues.


Practical Training


MAD for Europe also provides professional training for teachers and experts in a wide range of sectors. These experiences allow professionals to update their knowledge and skills and also to improve their performances. Practical training programs can last from 2 to 13 weeks.


Courses and seminars


MAD for Europe offers a wide range of courses and seminars for each kind of training project under Erasmus + Program. The duration of each course usually varies between one and two weeks. The courses deal with the current educational issues, and we also have a selection of other courses covering different specialities such as new teaching methods, ICT, marketing, tourism, art history or gastronomy.

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