Work Placements


In MAD for Europe, we have extensive experience in the field of Human Resources as well as in finding the most appropriate professional training for young people, students, workers and teachers of all over the world. Our team can provide work placements in effectively all economic sectors.


Before the arrival of participants and, through a careful analysis of the candidate profile, his/her training and professional experience and the linguistic level of Spanish or English, MAD for Europe will select the company that best suits his/her needs and wishes.


We have a database with more than two hundred associated companies and enterprises, public and private entities which whom we collaborate daily in many projects and above all in order to ensure the best work placements for our participants.


Each participant will have double monitoring: a tutor from MAD for Europe during all the project mobility and another specialist tutor within the company during his/her internship.


At the end of the program, we will produce a final report, where there will be detailed and evaluated all the tasks performed by the participant. To him/her, there will be given three types of certificates:

  • MAD for Europe Certificate for his/her participation in the project
  • Work Placement Certificate
  • Spanish Language Certificate confirming the reached linguistic level during their stay in Madrid

The main areas of practice we work with are:

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting, Administration, Import/Export
  • Human Resources
  • Education, Childcare, E-learning
  • Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Communications
  • Information Technology, Multimedia
  • Web Design, Telecommunications
  • Architecture, Graphic and Industrial Design
  • International Cooperation, Media and Journalism
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Travel & Tourism, Eco-tourism, Hotel & Catering
  • Fauna & Flora Care, Environment & Renewable Energies
  • Agriculture, Winemaking & Viticulture, Plants Health
  • Chemical and Biochemical Analysis
  • Heritage, Arts & Culture
  • Sports and Management, Recreation & Leisure
  • Volunteering, Health & Social Care
  • …and others (please ask for a complete list of references)

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