Our mission

MAD for Europe has been founded with very clear goals that converge on three pillars:

  • Education, Training and Youth;
  • The promotion of Technology, Culture and Arts;
  • Social Cooperation and Voluntary Service.

Our mission is to contribute to the evolution and social inclusion of all human beings by providing educational experiences that are part of a lifelong learning process, on issues of development, vocational training and social improvement with particular attention to the condition of young people, women and vulnerable groups.

These experiences promote the mobility of individuals and allow the achievement of knowledge, language skills and qualifications, enhancing their personal development, active participation and entrepreneurship.

Our actions will improve the quality of international mobility initiatives and of cultural, educational and training programs, in a vital, social, and animated mood in order to achieve innovative practices and foster cooperation and cultural exchanges between populations.

For us, mobility is not just a trip to another country; it’s much more!


Mobility is knowledge, cultural exchange, friendship, personal relationships, experience, the ambience of each country, gastronomy, good practices, integration of the participants and the satisfaction of having experienced a lot of positive feelings, which have contributed to real personal growth.

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Where We Are

Calle Carranza 25, 5. Office 4
28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone : (+34) 91 041 38 84
Email: info@madforeurope.org

About MAD for Europe