Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchanges offer groups of young people aged 13 to 30 years from different countries, the opportunity to meet each other and learn about different cultures. The groups themselves plan the exchange together around a mutual interest theme and, in this way, they have the opportunity to learn about other lifestyles and to develop new skills.

These projects allow young people to raise their awareness on the values of democracy, equality, tolerance, multiculturalism and sustainable development. The learning process is developed through non-formal and informal education methods.

MAD for Europe organizes different Youth Exchanges under Erasmus+ KA1 Youth and contributes to achieving its goal of reaching a quality education level through non-formal education, the exchange of best practices, mobility and intercultural learning in European and non-EU countries. These are two of our youth programs:

 Thanks to this exchanges MAD for Europe promotes an educational concept of youth expression, develop of their sense of responsibility and autonomy and build a small area of peace, dialogue and solidarity among nations.

In all youth exchanges, English is normally the common language; this represents a perfect opportunity for young people to improve their language skills.

The program covers travel costs, accommodation, meals and any costs related to the project. At the end, participants will receive a Youthpass Certificate recognizing their participation in a youth exchange and useful at European level.



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