About Us

We are a non-profit association, active in the labour market and the fields of Education, Training and Youth Culture. Our paths are focused on social work and voluntary services, education, training and promotion of new technologies, culture and art. We realize that our goal is the educational and professional growth of the person, whether young or old, for this we have a great experience.

Among our functions, you can find the management and implementation of projects in order to encourage citizen participation, European mobility, youth exchanges, the realization of a wide range of specialized training coursessupport for young unemployed, reintegration of people with inclusion problems in our society, language training and the promotion of the artistic and historical heritage.

MAD for Europe works with different EU programs (Erasmus +, Lifelong Learning Programme, Horizon2020, Europe for Citizens, EYF, Creative Europe…), with the European Social Fund and collaborates with a number of cultural institutions, training centres and several universities.

Once the participant leaves, we take care of his/her entire stay in Spain until his/her return, with a 24h support availability. In MAD for Europe, we want to bring people closer, merge our cultures, in short, get a more than positive experience for the participant.

Our extensive involvement in international mobility and cultural development is a guarantee of quality and professionalism that we provide to our participants’ experiences.

Every year we work at the submission of several European and National projects and, at the same time, we operate in Madrid as a hosting organization for many participants from all around Europe.

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Where We Are

Calle Carranza 25, 5. Office 4
28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone : (+34) 91 041 38 84
Email: info@madforeurope.org

About MAD for Europe