Integration and Teaching Methods with Migrants

MAD for Europe offers this Training Course because the migration of people is an enduring phenomenon of the human society and the process of  adapting to life in a new country is not always easy, especially for refugee youngsters  who will become students in a new context.


Several European studies highlight the disadvantaged position of students from a migrant background like poor marks, a high proportion of students being kept back behind their year group and early drop-out.


We will impart this training courses both to adults who want to have essential knowledge and to other participants who wish to learn at more advanced levels.


Duration: 1 to 2 weeks


For Teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders.



  • Provide the opportunity to discuss integration challenges in a multi-cultural group with
  • Develop teaching methodologies to facilitate the integration and learning
    of migrants’ students
  • Provide materials to train other colleagues or students
  • Provide tools to identify the educational needs of foreign students
  • Provide tools to raise young migrants’ self-confidence
  • Supply welcome and orientation system in order to compact early school drop-out.

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