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Our peninsula is famous for having first-class gastronomy, known and acclaimed in many corners of the world. Our Cooking Courses are intended to bring together people with a common hobby: Cooking.

We will have two types of courses, one about general Cooking and another one specialized in Spanish Cooking. In our courses we will prepare menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be eaten later by participants; we will organize competitions for the best dish; we will pay special attention to the proposals and ideas that every student can provide, learning from each other.

We will highlight the importance of our wines, we will organize a tasting where we will try different wines, and we will discover their excellent textures.

We will also prepare new meals or international dinners in order to taste dishes and specialities from other countries.

After an introduction about the benefits of good cuisine, we will start to prepare the most delicious dishes.

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks

For Teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders.


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