Art History

Mad for Europe team includes some Art historians and specialists. They will impart an exciting world of Art History, with particular emphasis on the Spanish one, as local Art History is varied, fascinating and really rich.

In our training courses, both History and Art will walk hand in hand, as we understand that one cannot be separated from the other.

The course will also include visits to relevant museums and significant monuments.

Description of the course

This course seeks to investigate the power of art through a historical lens and aims to offer a broad introduction to these who are interested in developing their analytical and creative skills. It will cover a range of western and some non-western art styles and movements and can be adapted to suits the interests, specialities and experience of the group.

Emphasising significant stylistic movements, this class sets out the foundation by introducing visual analysis and other tools of interpretation such as scholarly articles, theoretical approaches, guidance from experts and deep contextualised history behind the pieces of art.

Participants will also learn how artwork can historically capture societal values, shifts in personal and collective identities as well as political and religious movements.

This course will take place in Madrid. At the heart of Spain’s culture and history, it is the perfect city to complete an art history course. We are spoilt for choice between numerous art galleries, visits to which will be interwoven throughout the week.



  • Develop analytical thinking skills, learning how to effectively communicate with scholars.
  • Recognise cultural and historical references in contemporary visual environments
  • Employ different methodologies when analysing specific images or objects.
  • Identify and characterise the artist and the audience of relevant images and objects
  • Demonstrate critical awareness, using developed vocabulary and perspectives
  • Broaden understanding of interactions among individuals and societies across cultures and time periods.



  • History of Ancient Art (Egypt, Greece, Rome)
  • History of Medieval Art (Visigoths, Al-Andalus, Romanesque and Gothic)
  • History of Modern Art (Renaissance and Baroque)
  • History of Contemporary Art (XX Century, Vanguards)
  • History of Music
  • History of Cinema



One week: Monday – Friday 09:00 to 14:00 (with one coffee break of 30 minutes). 

On specific request the course may be organised for two weeks or to include a job shadowing programme.


Language of the course: Spanish or English


Cost: 350€ per participant, for groups of more than 10 participants there will be a price reduction. 


Preparation of the course 

  • 5 lessons per week (tot. 25 hours)
  • Teaching materials
  • Administration and tutoring
  • Organisational support
  • Professional and cultural visits
  • Guided tour of the city of Madrid
  • 24hr emergency support
  • Final Certificates and Europass Mobility



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