The Advanced Planning Visit has been from the 15th to the 17th of July 2019 in Madrid. Some of the most important topics that we discussed where the subdivision of the tasks of the partners, the presentation of the risk management, proposal of menus, management and supports for disabled people or division of the participants in the rooms.


On the first day, we had a Welcome Meeting. Later, on Tuesday 16th, we started the meeting in the Youth Center Chamberí: at the beginning of it, MAD for Europe made a presentation about their organization and then the other partners presented theirs. Afterwards, everything related to the project was explained and we reviewed some details such as the dates, the budget that each member has, the number of participants, etc. We follow-up on selection criteria and participants’ insurance and described a definition of work strategies for group training before the starting of the Project.


Later, we had a small breakfast and them we discussed about more topics such us the subdivision of tasks of the partners (group dynamics to develop, group games, facilitators, brainstorming, multicultural events, etc.), the presentation of the risk management list and its solutions, the management and supports for disabled participants and some proposals of menus for intercultural meals and dinners. We also discussed about the division of the participants in the rooms.


After lunch, we visited the accommodation place and later all working places where the activities will take part. With this, we also had a Guided Tour in the city centre of Madrid, so all the group leaders had the opportunity to know more the city.


All the Group Leaders had the opportunity to stay at the hostel, so they could see all the facilities of the accommodation that the participants will have.

It was a very successful meeting because we had time to explain all the project: objectives, main idea, the activities one by one, insurance, dates, accommodation, meals… All partners have been very willing and have collaborated with their ideas.


We are very happy because it has been a really good meeting!


You can know more about the project here