We’re happy to announce that next December we will have our 7th Youth Exchange about Urban Art in Madrid. It will be from the 1st to the 5th of December 2019. 


“BE-ART! Beyond Art: Creative Young People Spreading Their Voice it’s the Youth Exchange that will bring 48 participants from 8 different countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Greece and Spain. All of them will participate in activities related with urban art, and they will explore the city of Madrid, and the story of this art in their streets. 


It aims to focus attention on the power of street-art and how it can help young people (from 16 to 30 years old) to spread and communicate a social message, in order to build a creative space to promote an intercultural-dialogue.


Today, we had the Advanced Preliminar Visit, where the group leaders and us, MAD for Europe, have met in a Meeting Room to discuss all the project, the characteristics of the participantes, the accommodation, the activities, the insurance, etc. It has been a great meeting, and we finished the day with a Guided Tour in the city centre of Madrid, visiting the places where the activities will take part next December!