In the project “KA2 The Bond” one element that we consider fundamental is the diffusion of news related to pregnancies and teenage maternity. The dissemination of news consists of two different types:

On the one hand, the replication of information from other websites through a short description of the topic covered in the article and its corresponding web link. This way, all the news from other websites are collected on our website and are easily accessible to those who want to consult about teenage pregnancy.

The other type of articles published on The Bond website are articles written by us on a specific topic. The topics we have published are chosen from those that we believe may be most relevant to teenage mothers and those that are highly topical.

As an example of current news we have published information regarding pregnancy and Covid-19, and as an example of general interest news we have written an article in reference to exercise and pregnancy.

In choosing and writing both types of articles, we look at their relevance to mothers-to-be and seek out those sources of information that we consider most reliable and correct. Our ultimate goal is to serve young pregnant women and teenage mothers so they can access information on these topics in a simple and dynamic way.