MAD for Europe has been teaching Training Courses of all types for several years. Some of the most important are Educational Psychology, ICT or Web Marketing.


Now, we have created a new course entitled “Integration and Teaching Methods with Migrants”, a course that provides the opportunity to discuss integration challenges in a multi-cultural group with professionals. Among its objectives, we want to develop teaching methodologies to facilitate the integration and learning of migrants’ students, provide materials to train other colleagues or students and provide tools to raise young migrants’ self-confidence. Also, one of the most important things is to teach how to identify the educational needs of foreign students.


We offer this Training Course because the migration of people is an enduring phenomenon of the human society and the process of adapting to life in a new country is not always easy, especially for refugee youngsters which will become students in a new context.


Several European studies highlight the disadvantaged position of students from a migrant background like poor marks, a high proportion of students being kept back behind their year group and early drop-out.


The target group of this course is teachers, students, professionals and stakeholders and its duration is one week. It will be a full week with ice-breakers, practices and methodologies, effective learning processes… You can sign up in our contact form


This 2019, we will have three annual sessions: in April, June and November.


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