MADRID – MAD For Europe is part of the KA2 My Story Begins project. The project involves 4 partners from 2 different countries (Slovenia and Spain). Each country provides two partners, one from the youth sector and another from the cultural sector (working closely with the film industry), thus promoting both national and international collaboration.

The project’s objective is to give young people a voice of advocacy through the creation of documentaries. To achieve our goal, we have set objectives, activities, and outcomes that will serve as milestones for the project’s success.


Provide youth workers with knowledge of documentary filmmaking and vice versa. Equip cultural workers with approaches to youth work for their engagement with young people.
Involve young people directly in the entire process of creating a documentary.
Disseminate the positive effects of cross-sector collaborations and their contribution, fostering solidarity.
After the project’s completion, we organized a multiplier event attended by 40 young people, where we witnessed the results of the project – documentaries created by the participants themselves, workshops and training sessions for adult professionals, and a Manual detailing the project’s approaches, which we are in the process of finalizing.