The MAMEC project is a multilateral strategic partnership Development of Innovation, which involves four partners from 4 different European countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece). Specifically, it aims to develop a series of activities that will contribute to the economic and social development of the territories, through the promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship.


Project activities will focus on the following priorities:

>Effective strategies for improving basic skills.

>Develop and improve basic and transversal skills with innovative methods and from a lifelong learning perspective.

>Our Project will be implemented over two years

>Start Date: the 1st of September 2016

>End Date: the 31st of August 2018

>Duration: 24 months


TARGET GROUP: Mothers who do not work and who suffer any degree of social discomfort are our main target group. The project has been designed, primarily, in order to increase employment and to promote cooperation and lifelong learning by developing skills such as “entrepreneurship, digital skills and linguistic competences”.




>Spain – MAD for Europe

>Italy – Giovani Per l’Europe

>Croatia – DEŠA

>Greece – 2nd Evening Vocational High School of Piraeus





1st Meeting Dubrovnik, Croatia (19 – 21 October 2016)


The first meeting of the MAMEC project was heald in Croatia. There were 7 participants from 3 partner organizations with DEŠA as the organiser.
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2nd Meeting Nicotera, Italy (18 – 20 July 2017)


The second meeting of the MAMEC project was heald in Italy. There were 7 participants from 3 partner organizations with Giovani per l’Europa as the organiser.


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Multiplier Event:


For the Multiplier Event of the MAMEC Project, we had three sessions:

The first one was on the 10th of May. We explained the project, the objectives and a brief description of each partner.
Later, we showed pictures of the MAMEC Course in the four countries: Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece, and we discussed the modules and the business created by women entrepreneur mothers. At the end of the session, we gave them the MAMEC Guideline, and we finished with the conclusions of the project.


The second session was on the 17th of May. We did the same process than the first one, also giving the MAMEC Guideline to all the assistants.

The third one was on the 24th of May. We celebrated this final event of dissemination in the “Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality” in Calle Alcalá 37 in Madrid.


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MAMEC Training Course:


During a month, each country carried out a training course for the modules created by the different partner organizations and participated 10 women mothers from each country. They were taught several aspects and necessary tools to create their own business from home while they combine it with their family life. In addition, there were several sessions of women entrepreneurs who exposed their own business and advice.

Website and Social Networks:


-Website: https://mamecproject.weebly.com/

-Facebook: MAMEC

-Twitter: @MAMECproject

-Youtube: Mamec Project




-International Project Meeting in Madrid MAMEC

-Our MAMEC Course in Madrid

-We have already launched our MAMEC e-learning platform!

-MAMEC final Event in Madrid